Palm Species Available

Archontophoenix Alexandrae - KING PALM

King Palm is a palm native to Queensland, Australia. It grows in littoral rainforest, often in locations that are severely inundated during heavy rain events. Their ability to withstand these conditions allow them to become the dominant species.

Phoenix Canariensis - CANARY ISLAND DATE PALM

Native to the Canary Islands, the Phoenix canariensis is one of the most impressive species in the palm world due to its massive structure. These trees are very slow growing but ultimately can reach upwards of 60' in height with a head that can span 40'-50' in width. Trees have feather shaped fronds reaching 18' in length or more and are deep green in color. Mature specimens of these trees typically have the old fronds cleaned from the trunk up to the crown of the tree where tree trimmers often sculpt the crown to resemble a pineapple. We have an extensive variety of these trees in stock at our yards at all times, with new trees being acquired weekly, please contact us to discuss current availablity.

Ponytail Palm
Beaucarnea Recurvata- PONY TAIL PALM

Native to Mexico Ponytail palms can grow to 12'-15' in height and 9'-12' in width in ideal conditions. These unique palms are known for thier uniquely shaped trunks that are swollen at the base. Trees have large swollen bases with many trunks extending out of them with strap leaf heads made up of arching green leaves. An excellent accent plant anywhere you are looking for something unique, plants can also be used indoors if given plenty of light and the watering is monitored well. We have many excellent specimens, please contact us and we will help you find the right one for your project.

Bismarckia Nobilis- BISMARCK PALM

Native to Madagascar Bismarck Palms are known for thier stout trunk and large head made up of striking blue / grey colored foliage. Comprised of a stout trunk and a massive head made up of thick leathery fan shaped fronds trees can reach upwards of 30'-60' in height with a canopy that can spread 15'-20' or more. Very striking in the landscape due to thier large canopy even on young trees with small trunks. An excellent choice anywhere you are looking to make a statement with unique colored foliage. Please contact us for current availablity.


Native to Mexico this fan palm is known for its striking blue/silver colored foliage, very slow growing to 20-40 feet in height. Trees also produce cream colored flowers. Mature established trees can take both heat and wind. Excellent choice for a unique focal point or accent plant for your landscape! Please contact us for current availability.


Native to the Western Mediterranean region, palm has triangular fan shaped fronds that are typically green to green with a hint of blue, leaf stalks are spiny. Beautiful specimen palm that grows in clumps that can reach upwards of 20' in height and spread. Trunks can be trimmed up to show off their form that can be very striking in the landscape especially when uplight at night. Use as single specimens or in large groups for a hedge. Known for its ability to adapt to climate and soil type, Chamaerops are one of the more cold hardy palms and will also adapt to poor soil and wind conditions, as well as sun exposures from full sun to partial shade. We have many sizes available please contact us for current availability.

Cycas Revoluta- SAGO PALM

Native to Japan, not really a palm even though its common name implies it is. A member of the cycad family, Sago's can grow to be upwards of 10' tall and wide with many trunks or single trunk "soldiers". Very clean and unique in appearance Sago's make excellent specimens either in the landscape or in pots. Their lush appearance and clean growth habit make them excellent candidates for us by pools or water features. Very slow growing and cold hardy, leaves have an almost fern like appearance although much tougher and leathery. We have many sizes of Sago's available please contact us for current availability.

Butia Capitata- PINDO PALM

Native to Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. Trees have feather shaped arching grey / green foliage with spines located on both sides of the leaf stem. Slow growing to 20' tall in ideal conditions but more commonly reaching 12'-15' with a thick stout trunk. Older leaf stalks are typically persistent on the trunk for years although it is not uncommon to find specimens with clean trunks. Trees produce a bright orange fruit that is made into jellies in some regions, (Pindo's are sometimes refered to as "Jelly Palms"), One of the more cold hardy palms and an excellent specimen to use in a garden where you are looking for a palm with a unique character. We have many sizes available please contact us for current availability.

Triangle Palm
Dypsis Decaryi- TRIANGLE PALM

Native to Madagascar, slow growing can reach 18'-20' tall and 12'-15' in width. This palms unique triangle shaped trunk provides interest in this uniquely shaped palm. Upright fronds that can reach 15' in length but have a graceful arching appearance and a soft grey / green color to contrast with other plants in the landscape. Excellent specimen for your landscape. Please contact us for current availability.

Jubea Chilensis- CHILEAN WINE PALM

Native to Chile, very slow growing palm can reach 50'-60' tall with a 25' canopy in ideal conditions. The palms canopy is made up of feather shaped leaves that can be 12'-16' in length with a green top and a silvery grey/green bottom surface. Trunks on mature trees are very fat with a smooth grey surface that has ridges from the leaf scars from the leaves that have dropped, younger trees may still have the the leaf stalks attached to the trunk that has a fat bulbus appearance. Trees should be grown in full sun but will tolerate drought conditions, similar to varieties of Washingtonia palms. Trees do not care for extremely hot conditions but are cold hardy. These trees were cultivated for their sweet sap that can be used as a sweetener, the sap was also fermented into an alcoholic drink which give the palm it's name "Chilean Wine Palm". These giants of the palm world make a commanding statement in any landscape. Please contact us for current availability.

Jubea chilensis
Senegal Date Palm
Phoenix Reclinata- SENEGAL DATE PALM

Native to Africa, This palms grows in large clumps with several thin trunks branching out from a central location. Trunks can vary greatly in height, (25'-50' in ideal conditions), which gives each specimen a unique character, trunks are covered in a brown fiber. The palms fronds are feather shaped 8'-15' in length and are typically dark green in color with the leaf stem being covered with sharp needle like thorns. The Phoenix reclinata is a large clumping palm that commands attention, fantastic as a large specimen its clean growth habit makes it ideal for use near pools or water features, but can be used anywhere your project requires a dramatic statement is made. Please contact us for current availability of these dramatic specimens.

Trachycarpus Fortunei- WINDMILL PALM

Native to China, the Windmill Palm has a single slender trunk that is known for being narrower at the base than at the top of the trunk, the trunk is also covered with a brown fiberous mat that can slough off towards the base as the tree grows. Leaves are fan shaped, and can be light to dark green on top with a silvery colored bottom surface and approximately 3' in diameter on a toothed leaf stalk that is 1'-2' in length. Windmill palms prefer full sun to partial shade and regular water with well drained soil, one of the most cold hardy palms these palms are native to areas that have receive occasional snow and ice. Please contact us for current availability.

Washingtonia Filifera- CALIFORNIA FAN PALM

Native to California and Arizona it can grow to 80' tall with a head that can reach 20' in width. Fan shaped leaves are 3'-5' and bright green in color on a long leaf stalk that has tooth shaped thorns along its edges, stems can be 3'-6' in length and tend to be more spread out and open in thier growth than the Washingtonia robusta. Washingtonia filifera's also have a much thicker trunk than that of the Washingtonia robusta. Trees prefer moisture and good drainage to grow at thier best, but once established can be drought tolerant. Please contact us for current availability.

Washingtonia Robusta- MEXICAN FAN PALM

Native to Mexico can grow to 100' in height with a 10'-15' head. Leaves are bright green and fan shaped approximately 4'-5' in width and length on a sharply toothed leaf stalk. The palms fronds will sometimes drop free leaving a clean silver colored trunk, but generally old leaves form a skirt that can run all the way from the head of the tree to the ground. Trees prefer moisture and good drainage to perform at thier best, but can be somewhat drought tolerant once established. Washingtonia robusta's are an excellent choice for large scale landscapes where the beauty of their height can be fully realized. Please contact us for current availability.

Mexican Fan Palm
Edible Date Palm
Phoenix Dactylifera- EDIBLE DATE PALM

Native to the Middle East, the date palm can grow to 80' tall with a head of 20'-40' in width in ideal conditions. Phoenix dactyliferas produce large clumps of fruit that harvested for consumption. A very versatile palm that takes heat and tolerates some cold. The Phoenix dactylifera is an ideal tree to use for large formal plantings where their similar appearance can give the appearance that the trees are "clones" of one another, or plant them as individual trees with equal confidence as thier beauty and scale are large enough to carry them on their own. We can provide 'Deglet Noor', 'Medjool' and 'Zahidi' varieties, each has their own character and beauty. Please contact us and we can discuss which variety is right for you.

Aloe Dichotoma
Aloe Dichotoma